National ICT Strategy of Jordan

National ICT Strategy of Jordan is an EU funded project through FWC 2012. It was hosted by the ministry of ICT in Jordan.

Jamil as a key expert was responsible for

– Analysis of ICT sector (market, regulations, stakeholders, strategies, SWOT)
– Development of National Strategy of ICT
– Strategy benchmarking
– Development of strategic goals and vision
– Design of action and master plan for strategy implementation including KPIs

The final draft strategy document can be downloaded from the ministry of ICT website

Download (PDF, Unknown)

The draft strategy document can be downloaded from the ministry of ICT website

Download (PDF, Unknown)

SRTD Program

Support to Research and Technological Development and Innovation Initiatives and Strategies in Jordan Project (SRTD) (2008-2010) is an EU funded project through ENPI.

Some presentations,workshops and training programs delivered during the SRTD project are available here

Jamil was mainly responsible for the Technology Transfer element of the project.

Jamil as a local expert was responsible for

– Support the development of a national Technology Transfer Program
– Support the establishment of 11 Jordanian Technology Transfer Offices
– Support Industry Research Link assessment
– Perform assessments of Technology Transfer Programs, Incubation Training and Consulting Programs
– Organize training programs for the Technology Transfer Offices
– Coordinate consulting and training missions by EU experts to improve Technology Transfer and Incubation strategies
– Support the development of Quality system for Incubators based on EU Systems
– Develop and organize twinning program between EU and Jordanian incubators
– Support the development of consulting services program, based on the results of incubator audit
– Prepare consulting and training ToRs and offers evaluations
– Monitor and evaluate grant contracts
– Conduct need assessment for Knowledge Transfer Programs
– Support the assessment of IP Policies of universities & funding agencies
– Organise Tech Transfer Study tour in Europe
– Perform value and impact assessment of over than 30 funded researches