Innovation and Management Projecs

Innovation and Technology Transfer

  • Technology Commeclization Process and Assessement Program (ASTF, UAE)
  • IP Rights and Technology Transfer Agreements (ASTF, UAE)
  • Applied Research Grant Management (ASTF, UAE)
  • Applied Researches Assessment and Evaluation System Development (ASTF, UAE)
  • Early-Stage Technology Commercialization Assessment (ASTF, UAE)
  • Technology & Patent portfolio building (ASTF, UAE)
  • Technology Incubation analysis and Incubator Proposal (ASTF , UAE)
  • Master Program Proposal for Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (PSUT University & QRCE Center, Jordan)
  • Invention Commeclization Process Model(TAG valuation, Jordan)
  • Inventors guid Booklet (Alnayzak, Palestine)
  • Cooperation Agreements (Handasa Arabia, Palestine)

Marketing and Strategies

  • Change management program Proposal (Hadara, Palestine)
  • Strategic Marketing Plan for Trainings and consulting services (Vision,Palestine)
  • Strategy and Organization Development Program (Vision,Palestine)
  • Business Plan (OpenTechnologies, Tunisia)
  • Strategic Marketing Plan (OpenTechnologies, Tunisia)
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