CD-ROMs compile open-source EDA, IP

CD-ROMs compile open-source EDA, IP


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Richard Goering
8/14/2003 11:06 PM EDT

CD-ROMs compile open-source EDA, IP
SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — An updated CD-ROM package contains some 190 open-source EDA tools and 130 hardware designs — all for a price of $25. The package, OpenTech version 1.3.0, is a project of OpenCores, an organization devoted to the development of open-source silicon intellectual property (IP).

The OpenTech package is the creation of Jamil Khatib, an FPGA design engineer for Siemens ICT in Rammalla, Palestine. Khatib is one of the founders of the OpenCores web site.

All of the tools and designs on the three OpenTech CDs can be freely downloaded from the web, but tracking them all down would take some time and effort. Khatib said that he initially compiled some open-source EDA tools and hardware designs onto a single CD-ROM for his own use in 2000. He sent postings to some news groups, asking if anyone was interested in a copy.

“In fact, I was not expecting any reply, but I got some requests so I sent the CD-ROMs and started making new releases,” he said. “I got orders from all over the world.” Previous OpenTech releases, he said, have gone to students and working engineers.

The latest version contains three CDs. One contains open-source EDA tools, another contains open-source hardware designs, and a third includes images of the OpenCores site and the CVS utility.

The hardware designs include a number of CPUs, such as Leon-II, Piranha, and risc8; IP cores including DES cryptography, MD5 message digest algorithm, Altera cores, and a logic analyzer core; and a selection of VHDL cores, examples and tutorials. Copies of the emacs editor, Perl, and other utilities are on the same disk as the hardware.

The EDA disk includes tools for analysis, design entry, IC and pc-board layout, PLD design, digital simulation, Spice simulation, synthesis, and verification. Examples include the ChipVault HDL hierarchy tool, gEDA schematic and netlisting tools, Magic IC layout, Icarus Verilog compiler, Jeda verification language, and Alliance VHDL compiler, simulator and synthesizer.

The CD-ROM set can be ordered from the OpenCores OpenTech web site. At this site, engineers can also suggest adding their own tools or designs to the next release, so long as they’re free or open-source.

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